Kolhapuri Bharli Vangi Recipe


Ingredients Required: 250g Brinjal, 3 Tbsp. Oil (Approx. 50ml), 1 Pinch Of Hing & Cumin Seeds, 2 Chopped Onions, Half Bowl Sliced Dry Coconut, Half Bowl Groundnut, 1 Tsp Sesame, 10 Garlic Cloves, Half Inch Ginger, 2 Sticks Of Fresh Coriander, Entire Packet Of Prakash Kolhapuri Bharli Vangi Masala, 1 1/2 Cup Water ( 250ml), Salt As Per Taste.

Preparation Method For Paste:
1) Roast The Coconut, Groundnut And Sesame Till It Turns Golden Brown. Grind Coarsely Roasted Coconut, Sesame, Entire Packet Of Prakash Kolhapuri Bharli Vangi Masala, Salt, Garlic - Ginger And Roasted Groundnut In A Mixer.
2 ) Stuff This Masala In Four Cut Brinjal.
(Note: No Need To Add Chilli, Turmeric & Coriander Powder.)

Preparation Method For Bharli Vangi:
1) Take Oil in A Wok (Kadhai), Add A Pinch Of Hing & Cumin, Chopped Onion, Stuffed Brinjal & Remaining Masala. Cover It And Cook For 5 Mins. Add 1½ Cup Water And Cook For Another 5-10 Mins
2 ) Serve Hot Bharli Vangi Masala With Chapati, Bhakti Or Rice.

45 Mins

Serves 4

150 - 200 Cal

Kolhapuri Bharli Vangi Masala

Kolhapuri Bharli Vangi Masala

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Bharli vangi or stuffed brinjals is a regular vegetable at Maharashtrian homes. This recipe is age-old and everyone has their own style of preparing this mouth-watering dish. Our special spice blend and special Kolhapuri touch make this an absolute favourite of every homemaker. It complements well with Indian flatbread (Chapati/ Bhakri) and rice as well. Once you are introduced to our Kolhapuri Bharli Vangi Masala there is no going back, that’s the authenticity and delectability our spices bring to the brinjal feast.


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