Malvani Fish Rassa Recipe


Ingredients Required: 250g Fish (Surmai), 1 Inch Ginger, Half Bowl Fresh Coconut, Entire Packet Of Prakash Malvani Fish Rassa Masala, 15
Cloves Garlic, 1 Big Onion (Half Sliced & Half Chopped), 1 Tomato, Half Bowl Oil, Turmeric Powder, Fresh Coriander, Kokam Sour Juice / Kokam Pieces,
2½ Cups Water (500ml), Salt to Taste.

Preparation Method For Paste:
1) Make a Fine Paste Of Fresh Coconut, Tomato, Half Sliced Onion & Mix It With Entire Packet Of Prakash Malvani Fish Rassa Masala.
2) Make a Fine Paste Of Ginger-garlic For Fish Marination.

Preparation Method For Malvani Fish Rassa:
1) Take 250g Surmai Fish, Wash It With Water And Clean Properly.
2) Marinate Fish With Ginger-garlic Paste, Turmeric And Salt For 15-20 Mins.
3) Take Half a Bowl of Oil In A Wok (Kadhai), Add Half Chopped Onion, 4-5 Garlic Cloves And Above Paste & Cook Till Oil Separates. Add 500 ml Water And Boil For 5 Mins. Then Add Marinated Fish & 3-4 Kokam And Cook For 5-8 Mins.
4) Garnish With Fresh Coriander. Serve Hot With Bhakri Or Rice.

45 Mins

Serves 4

206-215 Cal

Malvani Fish Rassa Masala

Malvani Fish Rassa Masala

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The Malvani Fish Rassa is a traditional fish curry from the coastal regions in Maharashtra. Coastal stretches are incredibly famous for its fresh fish availability and  regional flavouring as per the food culture. Prakash has inherited the traditional touch of Maharashtra into his Malvani Fish Rassa Masala.

The king of this dish is surely a fish but the delicious flavours of this curry add up to the appetizing experience. Enjoy it with a bowl of rice and feel like having a meal in the breezy, sunny and vibrant coastal area. Accompany it with Solkadhi to achieve the best experience of your meal.

Malvani Fish Rassa Masala: a must-have in your pantry for spiced dishes and new culinary experiences.

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