Mumbai Kolambi Rassa Recipe


Ingredients Required: 250g Prawns, 1 Medium Sized Onion, 3 Tbsp Oil (Approx. 45ml), 1 Small Bowl Sliced Fresh Coconut, 1 Small Tomato, Two Sticks Fresh Coriander, 6 Garlic Cloves, Half Inch Ginger, 4 Kokam Pieces, Entire Packet Of Prakash Mumbai Kolambi Rassa Masala, 1 1/2 Cups Water (Approx. 300ml), Salt To Taste.

Preparation Method For Paste: Roast Onion & Coconut Till It Turns Golden Brown. Grind This To A Fine Paste Along With Tomato, Fresh Coriander, Ginger & Garlic: (Note - No Additional Chilli, Turmeric And Coriander Powder Needed.)

Preparation Method For Mumbal Kolambi Rassa:
1) Marinate Prawns With 1 Tsp Of Prakash Mumbai Kolambi Rassa Masala.
2) Take Oil In Wok (Kadhai), Add the Above Paste & Fry It Till Oil Separates, Then Add the Entire Remaining Packet Of Prakash Mumbai Kolambi Rassa Masala & Cook For 2 Mins. Then Add 1½ Cups Water, And Cook And Bring It To Boil. Then Add 250g Marinated Prawns, 4 Kokam Pieces And Salt As Per Taste. Cook For 5-8 Mins.
3) Serve Hot Kolambi Rassa With Bhakari, Chapati & Indrayani Rice.

Tip: To Make The Dish More Delicious Add Tadka Of Curry Leaves And Mustard.

45 Mins

Serves 4

85-100 Cal

Mumbai Kolambi Rassa Masala

Mumbai Kolambi Rassa Masala

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