Kolhapuri Mutton Sukka Recipe


Ingredients Required: 500g Mutton, Half Tsp Cumin, Half Bowl Oil : (40ml), 3 Onions (1 Chopped & 2 Sliced), Half Bowl Shredded Dry Coconut,1 Tsp Poppy Seeds, 9 Garlic Cloves, Half Inch Ginger, Entire Packet Of Prakash Mutton Sukka Masala. 1 Cup (200ml) Water, Salt To Taste, Fresh Coriander For Garnishing.

Preparation Method For Paste: Roast Shredded Dry Coconut, 2 Sliced Onion, and Poppy Seeds Separately Till They Tum Golden Brown And Grind It With Ginger-garlic Into A Fine Paste
(Note: No Additional Chill, Turmeric And Coriander Powder Needed.)

Preparation Method For Mutton Sukka:
1) Add 1 Tsp Oil, Half Tsp Cumin, 500g Mutton, 1 Cup (200ml) Water And Salt in A Pressure Cooker And Cook For 4-5 Whistles (Approx. 12-15 Mins)
2) Heat Half a Bowl Of Oil in A Pan, Saute 1 Chopped Onion, Add The Above Paste And Cook Till the Oil Separates. Add the Entire Packet Of Prakash Mutton Sukka Masala And Cook For 1 Min.
3) Add Pressure Cooked Mutton And Cook For 5 Mins. Garnish With Coriander Leaves And Lemon.

Tip: To Enhance The Flavor Give Tadka Using, Clove. Bay Leaf & Cinnamon.

45 Mins

Serves 4

300-400 Cal

Kolhapuri Mutton Sukka Masala

Kolhapuri Mutton Sukka Masala

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Mutton Sukka Masala, which is bone-in mutton pieces cooked until they turn succulent, is a rich melange of spices. Mutton dipped in Kolhapuri spices makes the start of your meal worth it. This starter dish is one of the favourites amongst Kolhapuri cuisine lovers. An interesting fact about this dish is mutton is cooked in its own fat and juices which makes this dish stand out with respect to taste and texture.


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