Varhadi Mutton Rassa Recipe


Ingredients Required: 500g Mutton, Half Tsp Cumin, Half Bowl Oil (40ml), 1 Sliced Onion, Half Bowl Shredded Dry Coconut, 1 Tsp Poppy Seeds, 8-10 Garlic Cloves, Half Inch Ginger, Entire Packet Of Prakash Varhadi Mutton Rassa Masala, 4 Cups (800ml) Water, Salt To Taste, Fresh Coriander And Lemon For Garnishing.

Preparation Method For Paste: Roast Shredded Dry Coconut, 1 Sliced Onion, Poppy Seeds Separately Till They Turn Golden Brown And Grind It With Ginger-garlic Into A Fine Paste (Note: No Additional Chilli, Turmeric And Coriander Powder Needed.)

Preparation Method For Mutton Rassa:
1) Add 1 Tsp Oil, Half Tsp Cumin, 500g Mutton, 4 Cups (800ml) Water And Salt in A Pressure Cooker And Cook It Up To 4-5 Whistles (Approx. 12-15 MIn.)
2) Take Half a Bowl of Oil in A Wok (Kadhai), Add the Above Paste & Cook TiIl Oil Separates, Add Entre Packet Or Prakash Varhadi Mutton Rassa Masala & Cook For 1 Min.
3) Add Pressure Cooked Mutton To Above Paste & Cook For 10 mins. Garnish It With Fresh Coriander And Lemon. Serve Hot Mutton Rassa.

45 Mins

Serves 4

250-300 Cal

Varhadi Mutton Rassa Masala

Varhadi Mutton Rassa Masala

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’Varhadi’; the regional language of the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra has a cuisine flourishing with the dominance of chickpea flour,  black pepper, star ful and dalchini ,needless to mention red chili powder. PKM's Varhadi Mutton Rassa Masala: offers a tangy-zesty regional specialty for the ultimate non-vegetarian taste experience.


Varhadi Mutton Rassa Masala: a taste of the bold, spicy curries that define the Varhad region's culinary tradition. Capture the essence of Varhadi cuisine, transporting your senses to vibrant markets and family kitchens with this specialty spice blend. Add to mutton curry for intoxicating aromas, flavors that elevate your meal to new heights of deliciousness.

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