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Single Spices

  • Coriander Powder 78.00388.00
    • Top quality coriander with natural oils intact
    • No preservatives or additives
    • Sourced from the best farms and hygienically packed
    • Also try our other single spice powders: Byadgi chilli powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder

    995 in stock

  • Turmeric Powder 92.00186.00
    • Aromatic turmeric that adds a rich flavour and colour to your dishes
    • Highest quality turmeric
    • No artificial colours or preservatives
    • Contains the active ingredient Curcumin which has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties

    988 in stock

  • Chilli Powder 130.00645.00
    • Pure and natural chilli powder
    • Made from chillies sourced directly from farmers
    • Traditionally sun-dried before being processed
    • Automated processing & packaging ensures hygiene

    980 in stock

  • Byadgi Chilli Powder 238.00591.00
    • 100% pure Byadgi chilli powder
    • Freshly ground to retain its natural colour and taste
    • Zero contamination, additives or preservatives
    • Store in a cool, dry place

    1000 in stock

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