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Prakash Masale is an authentic regional Brand into spice manufacturing for 8 decades. Prakash Masale believes in manufacturing spices with natural processes. We do not use any artificial flavors and colors. This makes us authentic spice makers of Maharashtra.

The pioneers of Kanda Lasoon Masala

Prakash Masale started with this legacy spice blend and created a prominent impact on the Maharashtrian households. 'Kanda’ i.e., onion and ‘Lasoon’ i.e., garlic are the hero ingredients in this masala in addition to the other spices. With Prakash Kolhapuri Kanda Lasoon Masala, relish the authentic taste of Kolhapur Cuisines in every bite.


A mega star of Maharashtra’s food culture, this extremely popular dish is a spicy, flavorful curry made up of moth beans. Fitting in as and on the go breakfast, mid-meal or Sunday brunch, Misal has come a long way in gaining popularity across socio economic sections of the state and has to its credit billions of search hours across social media platforms. A true misal lover can travel lengths and breadths to savour a plateful . But why travel when Prakash Misal Rassa Masala brings to your home the same “to die for” taste. Misal is enjoyed best with the bread slices.

Yet another mouthwatering recipe from the land of Kolhapur known for its exciting and spicy cuisine. Kolhapuri Chicken Rassa (meaning Chicken Curry) can be your go to dish for every occasion. The Curry made with tender chicken pieces has distinct notes of the traditional Kolhapuri spices. So don’t hassle yourself with hacks and tricks of the recipe and just pick up a pack of Prakash Kolhapuri Chicken Rassa Masala alongwith your home made paste and fresh chicken. And you are all set. Have this thin textured tempting gravy with authentic Maharashtrian Flatbread (Bhakri) made of Jowar or Bajra.

Do you crave hot, spicy food meat preparation? If yes, you got to be a Nagpuri at heart. Get ready to feel the heat of an authentic Saoji preparation of Nagpur with Prakash Saoji Mutton Rassa. It's spicy, hot, and tastier than ever. A perfect blend to make traditional Saoji style mutton at home. Dive into this kala rassa masala to get a “jhanjanit” taste of Vidarbha.

Malwan is a fishing paradise in the South Konkan region of Maharashtra. The cuisine is a combination of sweet and sour flavours. Prakash Malwani Fish Fry masala offers an authentic taste of Konkan. This masala for your fish fry is infused with aamsool and will definitely take you back to the Malwan lanes. Enjoy this delectable spice mix with your catch of Surmai.


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